Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Waste (electronic waste)?

Electronic waste is defined as any consumer electronic equipment that has reached its end of life or end of usage, whether or not it’s in working condition. Temecula Recycling is a California-approved E-Waste collection site and will collect your items in accordance with all EPA standards. E-Waste is no longer accepted at landfills and is often expensive to recycle. We can help you recycle your items, free of charge. Simply bring them by the recycling center.

Can you help me transport my large television?

Unfortunately, residential pick-ups are not available at this time. However, we can help you unload your heavy items upon arrival at the recycling center.

Why do you ask for my name and address when I drop off TVs or monitors?

The State of California requires that we collect this information to insure that electronics are safely retired and that we are adhering to the Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003. Electronics contain materials that are hazardous to health and the environment. A typical television contains between 5-10 pounds of hazardous materials. Temecula Recycling is an approved electronic waste collector and the first step in the recycling chain. Your items will be safely retired right here in California.

I’m new to California. What is the California Redemption Refund (CRV) program?

The California Redemption Value system (CRV) is a program and refunds the amount you paid to your retailer at the time of purchase. The program is very successful, recycling 86% of all beverage containers purchased: That’s about 10 billion last year! It keeps containers out of precious landfill space, reduces litter and recycles materials into other consumer products.

What kinds of items fall under the CRV program?

Any beverage containers containing the words “California Refund Value (CRV)” which includes beer, wine coolers, distilled spirit coolers, carbonated fruit drinks, noncarbonated fruit drinks that contain a percentage of fruit juice, carbonated water and tea beverages, noncarbonated water, noncarbonated mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, noncarbonated soft drinks, vegetable juice and sports drinks.

Do I need to separate my CRV bottles and cans?

Yes. All three types of bottles and cans (plastic, aluminum and glass) should be separated. Glass should be separated by color. There is no need to buy containers for each type of recyclable: You can sort right out of the back of your car, into our bins.

Do I need to remove the bottle caps from plastic water bottles?

It is not necessary to remove them. Just be sure the bottles are free of liquid.

Do you accept bottles and cans from out of state?

Temecula Recycling does not accept bottles and cans from out of state.

What’s the advantage to going to your recycling center vs. a reverse vending machine?

The minimum price we refund you is set by the State of California, however the material value may fluctuate. Depending on the material, we may pay above this minimum price. Redemption payment by count is also available for up to 50 beverage containers separated by material type. Single count payment is $.05 for each container less than 24-ounce capacity and $.10 for each container of 24-ounce capacity or greater.

Do you accept competitors’ coupons?

Yes, we accept competitors’ coupons from Murrieta and Temecula.

What other items do you pay for?

We pay cash for all types of metals, such as steel, tin, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc. We pay for any metal auto parts, catalytic converters and auto rims. Please visit our “What We Recycle” page for a complete list.

Can we buy metals from you?

We are proud to announce that we currently sell NEW METALS, such as square tubing, steel angle, hot rolled bar and expanded metal sheets. We also sell miscellaneous metal in our Surplus Corner Store.

I need an inexpensive computer. Do you sell that?

Ninety-five percent of our computers are retired and recycled, but some are re-purposed and can be purchased in the Surplus Corner Store. The inventory changes daily, so visit often.

What’s the most important thing I should know about recycling at Temecula Recycling?

No one recycles a more diverse list of items than Temecula Recycling. If in doubt, call us or send us a photo of your item by e-mail. E-mail us at: and we will let you know if we can recycle it, and how much we will pay you for it. Please see Industrial and Commercial accounts for more information.