Residential Recycling


Temecula Recycling Is the Local Leader

Residential customers have many choices when it comes to locations that will accept recyclable material. However, not one of those businesses even comes close to what Temecula Recycling offers. Here’s what sets Temecula Recycling apart from all the others:

  • Unmatched customer service: Our staff is here to help you — and we can assist with the unloading of large televisions and other items.
  • A large facility: We have 40,000 square feet of space devoted to handling ALL your items.
  • Sorting available: Customers can sort onsite in a comfortable environment.
  • Convenience: Temecula Recycling is a “one-stop shop” accepting almost everything, with the exception of hazardous materials and mattresses.
  • Fair prices: Temecula Recycling pays the most competitive rates for your recycle materials.
  • Strong community outreach: Temecula Recycling is the only one — of 12 local facilities — that offers a strong community outreach program to serve residents and businesses.